Outsource Your Business Stress to Get Your Work-Life Balance Back


When you started your business, you had a mental image of what your life would look like as your enterprise grew.

I bet it didn’t include struggling with endless piles of admin, accounts and tax returns, or trying to keep track of inventory at the same time as handling stakeholder reports and business development.

But somehow, that’s what you’re doing lately. So what went wrong? How did you go from an ambitious, forward-thinking entrepreneur to a stressed-out jack of all tasks?

The problem: You’re doing too much

No wonder you feel worn out by your ever-increasing workload.

You were never meant to act as your own accountant. You weren’t supposed to get stuck running ad-hoc stock checks or wrestling with inventory software that doesn’t tell you what you need to know. In short, you’re trying to do the jobs of half a dozen people, and there’s only one of you.