Outsource Your Business Stress to Get Your Work-Life Balance Back


When you started your business, you had a mental image of what your life would look like as your enterprise grew.

I bet it didn’t include struggling with endless piles of admin, accounts and tax returns, or trying to keep track of inventory at the same time as handling stakeholder reports and business development.

But somehow, that’s what you’re doing lately. So what went wrong? How did you go from an ambitious, forward-thinking entrepreneur to a stressed-out jack of all tasks?

The problem: You’re doing too much

No wonder you feel worn out by your ever-increasing workload.

You were never meant to act as your own accountant. You weren’t supposed to get stuck running ad-hoc stock checks or wrestling with inventory software that doesn’t tell you what you need to know. In short, you’re trying to do the jobs of half a dozen people, and there’s only one of you.

This is madness.

Managers suffer from high levels of work-related stress. Business owners suffer even more. We all know how badly stress can affect your health and your judgement.

If you take on too many responsibilities, especially for tasks that aren’t among your strengths, you’ll run yourself into the ground just to stay in one place. That’s not good for you, and it’s not good for your business either when your effectiveness takes a nosedive.

The cause: Lack of reliable, cost-effective help

You’re conscientious and driven to succeed, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. Your job is to lead and manage your business. That means your time is valuable, best spent giving full consideration to vital decisions—not scurrying around tidying up the paperwork!

Trouble is, hiring a new full-time inventory manager and keeping an accountant on a permanent retainer will be expensive. The selection process alone will eat up more of your time before your new hires even get started. And you’ve got other important things to fit into your day and your budget, so you carry on the way you are.

What you need is a way to get those stressful, labour-intensive business tasks handled by someone trustworthy and reliable, without paying too much for the privilege of having your time back to devote to your business.

The solution: outsourcing to specialists

Get your life back in balance by outsourcing—not to some faceless foreign freelancer via an outsourcing agency, but to specialist businesses run by real people you can talk to.

This is the smart solution to your problem, because you’ll be outsourcing only to experts who will probably complete these tasks faster and more effectively than you ever could if you tried to do them all yourself. Then you can stop multitasking and start focusing on the things you’re best at.

No matter whether you run online or offline stores, or both, you want your financial and inventory information in one place to make insight and reporting easy. And you’ll have data from your favourite retail software tools like Vend, Magento, Unleashed, Ebay, Amazon, or Shopify that you want to cross-reference, too, to get a clear picture of how it all fits together.

So it makes sense to look for a reputable cloud-based service that can pull all that information together online and make your point-of-sale, stock, inventory and accounts management systems work as a team. That way you can automatically reconcile your bank accounts, manage your cash flow in real time and never lose track of what’s going on… but you won’t need to think about it.

Now doesn’t that sound better?